The Project Management resource papers provide information to help guide you as you develop a project plan for your digitization project. Over time additional resource papers may be added to the list.

The papers are intended to provide a basic introduction to the topic and to offer suggestions for planning your digitization project. The papers focus on issues to consider as you review needed resources, staff, equipment, funding, and expertise for your project.

A well developed project plan, that takes into consideration all the factors and problems your digitization project will be the most important document you will create.

These papers will help you decide which questions are important to your project plan and which tasks come first in your project plan. A well organized and thorough work-plan will help identify all the resources you need to successfully complete the project.

Some of the questions to consider when developing a project are:

  • Who is the audience?
  • What is my outcome?
  • What access points are needed for the digital collection?
  • How will access be delivered?
  • What Interface will be created?
  • What need is being filled? Does it fit my agency mission?

The ideas and suggestions presented here serve as an introduction to the complex issues involved in conducting digital projects. These ideas can serve as a beginning point for your own thinking. By further reading and exploring additional resources you will expand your knowledge.

The five papers cover these topics:

1. Cost Factors in Digitization
2. Staffing and Training
3. Planning checklist
4. Vendors
5. Marketing and Promotion


The resource papers have been compiled by the staff of the Digital Images Initiative, Washington State Library.

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